We need your help!

Funding for the CYC is provided by all levels of government and without their support we can’t continue to serve the needs of young people across the City. We have written our elected officials seeking their support for continued funding to the CYC. Children need a place to play. Hard working families face many challenges raising children in the City, and the CYC helps thousands of families. Funding by governments is getting challenging. If you agree please send a message to:

Councillor, Kristyn-Wong-Tam

Minister of Education, MPP Lisa Thompson

Minister of Children & Youth Services
MPP Lisa Macleod

Thank you to MPP Suze Morrison, Honourable Bill Morneau and Mayor John Tory for their interest and support of the Cabbagtown Youth Centre.

This is a big year for the CYC. With ever changing funding we are going to do our best to maintain and increase services to the community.

Do you have a donership budget as part of your company? You might not have asked. Many large corporations will allow sponsorship and donations by employees to Registered Charities.

Have you ever been involved in fundraising and would like to help out? We would love to hear from you.

Are you part of an endowment for charitable donations that would want to direct some of those funds towards us? Please let us know.

Would you be interested in fundraising and raising the awareness of the CYC? Would you like to host a fundraiser of your Own? Please call our office, or drop by to discuss how we can help you get involved.

Lucy Troisi

Executive Director

(416) 960-1032